Healthy eating in the Northern Rivers

Everyone loves to eat good food. Lucky for us that the Northern Rivers is an area where food loves to grow naturally because of the soils and climate. We’ve designed this website for everyone to share their knowledge of local food. Eating locally means you are supporting local farmers and producers and reducing your food miles. We have an abundance of quality, diverse food right on our doorstep.

Eating what’s in season

You can reduce your carbon footprint and waste by eating what’s in season. Our fruit and vegetable harvest charts will show you what to expect at the local markets.

Local recipes

The recipe section shows you how to use local food to make delicious healthy food.  If you have great ideas and recipes to share, contact us.

Eating for the planet

Here is  a starting point for helping you make food choices that are good for you and your family, your local community and your environment. Find out more about local food, eating for the planet and basing your meals on plant foods. Our area produces meat and fish for local consumption and it is worth getting to know how to source sustainable seafood and meat.

Wasting food

To make the most of seasonal gluts and to save money, check out our tips on freezing and preserving seasonal produce. We also have tips on using leftovers , reducing food waste and cooking from scratch to avoid packaging and unwanted food additives.

Fact sheets and resources

Use this section to research everything from healthy eating for adults and kids, cooking classes and avoiding food waste. Find the information you need.

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