Eat for the planet

We are bombarded with diets and rules around food which make it very unappetising at times. Here are three simple guiding principles – based on what is good for your health, the health of the region and the planet.

  1. Eat a wide variety of seasonal, local foods
  2. Eat plenty of plant foods
  3. Cook from scratch and limit foods high in salt, sugar and fat

This short film provides a great insight to healthy people and healthy planets. Think Global:Eat Local is a celebration of local food systems in communities around the world – farmers markets, food box systems, food co-ops, community farms, community gardens and school gardens. The film touches on many of the issues caused by and impacting our current sustainable food system and points to relocalisation of food systems as a key strategy for working towards sustainability, social justice and well-being.

Discover more about the importance of farmers markets, local food communities and buying and eating local.