Sustainable seafood

We often are very informed about the larger creatures of the sea and their threats like the whales or the dolphins however thousands more species are at threat because of overfishing.

‘Eating sustainable’ is like ‘eating in season’ in that your choice of what to eat is determined by the locality of the fish and what is abundant and also not under threat.

Three quarters of the world’s oceans are already officially over-exploited or fished right up to their limit. There are literally too many boats taking too many fish, often by methods that are damaging to both fish populations, other marine wildlife and ocean habitats. Once considered inexhaustible, our oceans are now in a state of global crisis, and they really need a break. The good news is that we can lessen our impact on our oceans by choosing our seafood wisely. The fish you choose directly affects the health of our oceans.

If you love our oceans but also love seafood, then you need Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide. It is the country’s first independent national tool to choosing your seafood wisely.

Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide has been developed in response to growing public concerns about over fishing and degradation of our seas, and helps ocean lovers make a responsible seafood choice.

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