Growing the Northern Rivers

Growing your own food is incredibly satisfying on many levels.  And in the Northern Rivers, we have the perfect environment for harvesting lush produce from our fertile soils.  Find out where to grow, what’s in season and set yourself a challenge to get your own food-garden up and running!

6 reasons to grow your own food

Zero food-miles, reduced stress, and a healthy and pleasurable workout are just some of the wonderful incentives to grow your own food. Discover more reasons

Where to grow?

You don’t need a massive property to grow your own. Every living situation has workable options – from pots to permaculture. Find a solution for your place.

What’s in season?

Our wonderful climate gives us many planting options. Check our fruit and vegetable harvest charts and get yourself ready for nature’s next round of spoils. See what you should be planting.

Grow your own food: 12 week challenge

You don’t need to be an expert gardener to start a thriving food-garden. Use our 12-week guide to get yourself started and in business! Review our tips and secrets.

Fact sheets and resources

Use this section to research everything from setting up a working community garden, to tracking down local food organisations and other like-minded movements. Find the information you need.

Sustain food