12 week grow your own challenge

The following resources were created by Garden Guru, Phil Dudman, for the 2010/2011 Grow Your Own Challenge hosted on ABC North Coast Radio. The challenge is now complete, but you can create a great garden and grow delicious food at home by following the week-by-week guides below.

Phil DudmanAnd Phil says “you can enjoy perfect health and happiness when you grow your own food.  If you’ve never done it before, why not give it a go and follow my 12 week no fail approach. Start by selecting Week 1 from the support package below – download or print the information and happy gardening!”

Tune in to Phil on ABC North Coast Gardening Show on Saturday morning and Prime News on Wednesday evenings.

GYO - week one GYO week 2 GYO - week 3 GYO - week 4
GYO - week 5 GYO - week 6 GYO - Week 7 GYO - Week 8
GYO - Week 9 GYO - week 10 GYO - Week 11 GYO - Week 12