What’s in season to grow ?

We’re guessing that you can find space at your place to get growing a few vegetables and herbs this spring/summer.

One of the best things about gardening is that each season brings its own discoveries and opportunities. It’s right now, in spring/summer that you can really step up activity in your food garden. And for those just starting out and wanting an instant crop we say think beans – they really are one of the easiest veggies to grow.

No matter if you have half a hectare or a courtyard you can grow great produce year round. Our tip to productive and happy gardening is to plant something regularly. Remember you can always give or swap your surplus veggies with friends, family and neighbours. Or learn how to preserve and conserve them for next winter.

All fruits and vegetables have a particular time of year when they are at their best. Growing according to seasons is an important part of getting great quality produce from your garden.

Check on the links here to view seasonal fruit and vegetable plant/harvest charts and get growing at your place.

*Generally the northern rivers is classified as a Subtropical region – which means Warm humid summer (average January maximum temperature < 30 degrees C). Mild dry winter.

Sustain Food - what's in season