Where to grow ?

You can grow food anywhere, with gardens popping up in the most unexpected places. All you need to do is get started by looking at the space around your place and select from the options list below. Choosing the growing option that best matches your space will make it all the more easier, improve your growing and reduce the amount of resources you use including water.

Some places may not have direct sunlight, or you may be extremely limited for space. Don’t give up, see it as a challenge and be inspired by your resourcefulness. Permaculture principles are an excellent way to review your options for growing. When you think you’ve run out of room in your garden, don’t panic, just grow up instead of out. You can create a lot of new garden space by putting up a trellis and growing your climbing plants up that trellis.

There’s a growing option for you no matter where you live and some ideas for your workplace and school to boot.

I share or have no space – Think pots, containers, small patio gardens

One of the most fun parts of growing food in containers is that you can get really creative and come up with new uses for old junk. Also think vertical growing solutions – Fact sheet

I live in an apartment, unit – Go for raised garden beds or window sill options

Any window that gets good sunlight can support leaf crops like lettuce, endive and small-crop including tomatoes, chillies and heaps more – Fact Sheet

All I’ve got is an asphalt driveway – you can have a garden too

Learn how here

I live in a house – Then really go for it, think big fruit tress, vegie patches

click here and get your garden action plan up, up and away.

Verge gardening – You can transform a nature strip into a garden

Dig for the revolution – download information here

I have lots of space

It is likely you’re growing fruits and vegies already, however you maybe able to help others in the community and gain an income. Landshare is connecting land owners with folks that are desperate for a little space. Visit the Landshare website link and read more.

I’d like to give community gardening a go but I’m not sure who to ask

Community gardens are open to the public, and provide green space in urban areas, along with opportunities for social gatherings, beautification, education and recreation. Get started here

What can we get growing at our school – Loads and there heaps of help on hand

click here for your school gardening project self help guide

We’ve got space at work for something – great make the most of it

See the Greenroof Australia website for inspiration

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