Why grow your own food ?

6 Reasons to Grow Your Own Food

Growing our own fruit and vegetables is no longer a trend but a revolution.  We’ve done the research and here are the top six reasons to get on onboard with a garden of your own [big or small no matter].  Plus this summer why not pull out the bean bag, garden furniture and mozzie coil and make your garden space a nice place to hang out [and save on energy].

1. Supplements your household food supply —helps to save money on food

Growing your own food can help cut the cost of the grocery bill. Instead of spending your dollars at the store spend time in the garden, outside, exercising, learning to grow your own food.  With many plants, you can use the seed from one growing season to provide plants for the next – a self sustaining cycle that will cost you only a little time to keep going.

2. There is nothing more local than food grown in your own backyard, your windowsills, or on patio containers – zero food miles!

When your food travels around the world to get to you, it uses lots of energy which means lots of greenhouse gases. It’s not just the distance, it’s also the refrigeration along the way, and the energy that goes into packaging the food for the journey and storing it when it arrives.

3. You know exactly what goes into your food and exactly where it comes from

Commercially grown crops are often selected for their high yields, uniform appearance and long shelf lives rather than for quality and taste. When you grow your own, you can concentrate on the quality rather than the economics.  Plus did you know that the average child receives four times more exposure than an adult to at least eight widely used pesticides in food.  Food choices really do you make an impact now and into the future on your families health.  Get the nutrition you need and enjoy tastier food grown by you.

4. You will get healthier in a number of ways

Not only will you end up eating more fruits and vegetables, but you will be getting added exercise. Did you know that you can burn as many calories in 45 minutes of gardening as you can in 30 minutes of aerobics? And, working in the garden is a natural stress reducer. Your garden is also a great way to beautify your home environment and your community with sustainable eatable planting.

5. Teach your children or grandchildren

Pass on important food skills and help young people to build a knowledge bank about where food actually comes from and that it doesn’t come from the supermarket but from the soil, the earth that we all depend on.  Read here how to grow for the planet.

6. Enjoy a greater variety of your favorite fruits and vegetables

 You can experiment with heritage seeds or join seed savers http://www.seedsavers.net/ so you can choose from hundreds of different varieties and you can grow the things you like the best.


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